The OLD TYPE products are not deliverable anymore. They can be replaced with the products shown in the last column. Take care about small differences! It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the right product is chosen.
Old catalogs data: http://products.ecc.emea.honeywell.com/europe-historic-new/index.html
OLD TYPES A..ZDescrizioneModelloScarica
DPT100, DPTM100Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE100
DPT1000, DPTM1000Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE1000
DPT1000D, DPTM1000DDifferential pressure sensor for airDPTE1000D
DPT1002, DPTM1002Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE1002
DPT100D, DPTM100DDifferential pressure sensor for airDPTE100D
DPT102, DPTM102Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE102
DPT110, DPTM110Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE100S
DPT1100, DPTM1100Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE1000S
DPT1100D, DPTM1100DDifferential pressure sensor for airDPTE1000SD
DPT110D, DPTM110DDifferential pressure sensor for airDPTE100SD
DPT112, DPTM112Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE102S
DPT250, DPTM250Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE250
DPT250D, DPTM250DDifferential pressure sensor for airDPTE250D
DPT50, DPTM50Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE50S
DPT500, DPTM500Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE500
DPT5000, DPTM5000Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE5000
DPT5000D, DPTM5000DDifferential pressure sensor for airDPTE5000D
DPT5002, DPTM5002Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE5002
DPT500D, DPTM500DDifferential pressure sensor for airDPTE500D
DPT502, DPTM502Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE502
DPT50D, DPTM50DDifferential pressure sensor for airDPTE50SD
DPT52, DPTM52Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE52S
DPT550, DPTM550Differential pressure sensor for airDPTE500S
DPT550D, DPTM550DDifferential pressure sensor for airDPTE500SD
SK10Differential pressure sensor 0-1000PaDPTE1000
SK10-AKDifferential pressure sensor 0-1000Pa / Display DPTE1000D
SK20Differential pressure sensor 0-2000PaDPTE1000
SK20-AKDifferential pressure sensor 0-2000Pa / Display DPTE1000D
SK5Differential pressure sensor 0-500PaDPTE500
SK5-AKDifferential pressure sensor 0-500Pa / DisplayDPTE500D
SKV10Differential pressure sensor +/- 1000PaDPTE1000S
SKV10-AKDifferential pressure sensor +/- 1000Pa / DisplayDPTE1000SD
SKV5Differential pressure sensor +/- 500PaDPTE500
SKV5-AKDifferential pressure sensor +/- 500Pa / Display DPTE500D
SL10-2Differential pressure sensor 0-1000Pa, 2-wireDPTE502
SL10-3Differential pressure sensor 0-1000Pa, 3-wireDPTE500
SL20-3Differential pressure sensor 0-2000Pa, 3-wireDPTE1002
SL5-3Differential pressure sensor 0-500Pa, 3-wireDPTE250
Electronic Pressure switch for liquid, LOW viscosity/roiled liquid (SmartPress)
OLD TYPES A..ZDescrizioneModelloScarica
PSTV01RG12SPressure switch vacuum -1..1 barPSTV01RG12S-R
PSTM250RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..0,25 barPSTM250RG12S-R
PSTM400RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..04 barPSTM400RG12S-R
PSTM600RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..0,6 barPSTM600RG12S-R
PST001RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..1 barPST001RG12S-R
PST002RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..1,6 barPST002RG12S-R
PST004RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..4 barPST004RG12S-R
PST010RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..10 barPST010RG12S-R
PST025RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..25 barPST025RG12S-R
PST060RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..60 barPST060RG12S-R
PST100RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..100 barPST100RG12S-R
PST250RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..250 barPST250RG12S-R
PST600RG12SPressure switch overpressure relative 0..600 barPST600RG12S-R
PST002AG12SPressure switch absolute 0..2 barPST002AG12S-R
PST010AG12SPressure switch absolute 0..10 barPST010AG12S-R
Electronic Pressure switch for liquid, HIGH viscosity/roiled liquid (SmartPress)
OLD TYPES A..ZDescrizioneModelloScarica
PSTV01RG34FPressure switch vacuum -1..1 barPSTV01RG34F-R
PSTM250RG34FPressure switch overpressure relative 0..0,25 barPSTM250RG34F-R
PSTM400RG34FPressure switch overpressure relative 0..04 barPSTM400RG34F-R
PSTM600RG34FPressure switch overpressure relative 0..0,6 barPSTM600RG34F-R
PST001RG34FPressure switch overpressure relative 0..1 barPST001RG34F-R
PST002RG34FPressure switch overpressure relative 0..1,6 barPST002RG34F-R
PST004RG34FPressure switch overpressure relative 0..4 barPST004RG34F-R
PST010RG34FPressure switch overpressure relative 0..10 barPST010RG34F-R
PST025RG34FPressure switch overpressure relative 0..25 barPST025RG34F-R
PST002AG34FPressure switch absolute 0..2 barPST002AG34F-R
PST010AG34FPressure switch absolute 0..10 barPST010AG34F-R