Centraline EW773 Series Kits

Static compact hydronic meter with electronic measurement based on the ultrasonic principle, consisting of electronic energy calculator, ultrasonic flowmeter and temperature sensors.
Metering of hydronic heating energy in hydronic systems based on volume, supply and return temperature.
Features: Kit including meter with suitable pipe fittings as well as sensor fittings or immersion pockets
Suitable for both heating and chilled water
With factory installed M-Bus module and one free slot for additional plug and play communications modules
Measuring process: ultrasonic
Display functions: LCD, 8-digit
Power source: Lithium battery with 11 years lifetime
Approvals: MID (for heating)
Medium: heating or chilled water
Dynamic range: 1:250
Media temp.: 5...105C
Max. operating pressure: 16bar
Interface: M-Bus
Interface type: Retrofittable (factory installed)

EW7731M Ultrasonic hydronic meter for heating and cooling applications; with M-Bus module
DN size: 25mm
Nominal flow (qp): 6m3/h
Length: 260mm
Connection: G 1 1/4