Centraline DALI64 DLS

DALI64 is a fully featured DALI lighting control system embedded within a best in class LightSpot HD sensor. A simplified commissioning can be achieved with the intuitive Light Touch commissioning App. Combined with MERLIN NX high energy cost savings as well as increased comfort for the end-user can be realized. Also, it allows a simple implementation of a powerful DALI addressable system into the CentraLine NX system to offer smart integrated room control solutions.
Optimising occupant wellbeing and productivity with human centric lighting control by control luminaire colour temperature to match natural circadian rhythms. This enable benefits in different verticals like Offices, Schools, Healtcare, Hospitality, Retail and Manufacturing.
Facility cost savings: With SMART building analysis for Staff or Building space optimization or create real time energy management and maintenance reports.
Energy cost savings: By Daylight harvesting functionality (Automatic constant light control). Combining HVAC and Lighting Controls will in addition significantly improve the energy performance of the building.
Installation and Commissioning efficiency: Intuitive and fast DALI addressing and positioning over app per drag & drop from 1 person. Up to 16 groups and 16 scenes can be defined quickly
Dali 2 open protocol, providing 64 DALI luminaire addresses and 64 device addresses.
Multi sensor with motion sensor, light level measuring, built in DALI power supply and BLE to connect BLE wireless switches.
Commissioning app easy configuration of up to 16 Groups and 16 scenes.
Easy integration over Modbus into CentraLine BMS system
Bluetooth wireless switches: Wireless installation and location flexibility, reducing disruption and cost, as there is no need to run switching cables Self powered innovative patented technology to harvest energy means zero maintenance as there are no batteries to change Ultimate flexibility as each switch can control up to 64 luminaires, enabling dimming and scene recall etc
6 Button Scene Plates: Capacitive touch requires less pressure to operate and increased durability as there are no moving parts. High-quality appearance with real glass display easy to clean Power supply via DALI line
DLS remote infrared operation unit: Light level adjustment for 1 group Set and recall six lighting scenes Supplied with wall bracket
DALI switch input module: DALI switch input modules can be added to convert normal push-to-make switches to DALI switches Multiple modules can be connected to the same DALI network The module can be installed in a conduit box, backbox or pattress behind a momentary switch

DALI2 64 Address Lighting Controller - Flush Mount
Product description: DALI2 64 Address Lighting Controller with 150mA Integral Power Supply and Modbus for direct BMS connection