Centraline ACTION MANAGEMENT, software for Building services

With Action Management, building operators, facility managers, service engineers and technicians have full control over all equipment in buildings. Action Management enables early detection of critical failures in buildings and delivers notifications straight to your mobile device where you can track, escalate and manage actions in real time.
It monitors the building 24/7 using rules-based algorithms. It also publishes valuable/critical performance alerts including BMS alarms, and allows personnel to take action on those alerts. This not only improves uptime, but also saves time in diagnosing and resolving issues.
Receive customized alerts and timely notifications from multiple data sources.
Forward, share and receive critical alarms and events in near real time.
Collaborating with subject matter experts and enlisting the help of others, to resolve a situation quickly.
Proactively analyze trends and conditions to optimize performance.
Action Management works with three components: The Cloud Connector, The Sentience Portal, and the Pulse AppTM.

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