ENERGY MANAGER NX is an energy benchmarking and analysis tool, developed for the HVAC market, built on Niagara NX using HTML5 technology, providing a large range of techniques for managing all aspects of energy related data. EnergyVision NX is the ideal system to:
help manage energy, analyse and optimise the operation of facilities
measure performance across multiple levels within your building or estate
It is fully web-enabled and able to integrate data from a wide range of existing systems. HAWK and ARENA AX can provide data from most of the metering devices used in the market. It enables an integrated solution, allowing the user to collate and manage all aspects of their energy data at a central location.
Completely integrated into Niagara NX: Save costs. No additional equipment needed. Get metering data from most of the metering communication protocols in the market.
Automatically collect and aggregate metering data: No need for expensive data collection devices. Reliable and continuous data collection. No need to send the housekeeper to note metering data.
Monitor energy consumption with daily, weekly, monthly or annual profiles: Easily recognize waste of energy.
Analyse energy profiles: Detect waste of energy. Optimize energy efficiency.
Translate raw energy values into monetary units: Always have an overview of the energy costs. Compare actual costs with budget.
Energy Benchmarking graphs, with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly views: Prove the efficiency of your energy saving actions. Easily understand how your energy consumption is against target profiles or historical consumptions.
Visualization and ranking of consumption between meters, zones, systems, buildings, sites: Get an overview of your highest consumers. Start optimizing your energy efficiency, where you can achieve the biggest savings.
Instant and automatic reports for users, energy managers and auditors: Save costs for generating energy reports. Have the relevant data for energy managers and auditors with highest accuracy and just in time.
Kiosk Mode - a rotating sequence of easy understandable energy efficiency data: Use in a building foyer or reception area to raise occupants awareness.
Honeywell offers the complete meter portfolio: Honeywell offers all the needed metering devices starting from one and three phase electrical meters, heating, cooling energy meters, hot and cold water meters and all kinds of flow meters.
Cost-efficient solution: Logos/layout can be customized free of charge. All components are part of an AX palette low effort for technical support. Existing BACnet Schedules can be used. Existing BACnet Schedules can be used.
Low training effort for engineers and users: Low training efforts for customers and partners/ engineers. Training video are available on the partner web. Very easy installation and start-up.
Cyber Security: Applies latest cyber security Standards.
HTML5 view for smartphones, tablets and PC.